Champagne Supernova

August 5, 2009 § Leave a comment


I can’t imagine anyone drinking champagne and meaning it.

It’s about the lousiest of the drinks out there, specifically that it is supposed to be a “toast” drink and be exclusive to one bottle and one bottle only. The exceptional times that I will drink champagne are as follows; when I am offered a glass-to which I could never say no, even if there was unicorn blood in it-and that is supposed to give you immortality-, when it is about 3am and the only thing you have in your fridge (why?) is a bottle of champagne and I convince you that we should celebrate this very moment because we are there and have each other, and by each other I mean more drinks, and when it is that bloody Friday/Saturday/Sunday morning combination and all you really need is to seem like a snobster and you make your couch crashers fresh mimosas.

That being said, which I believe it to be an excellent prologue to a wonderful times we will have ahead of us, I am now going to wear a skimpiest bikini and strut among the sands-wishing I was covered in it and building sandcastles-and whisk away under the sun, taming my hair and my behavior because there is always someone watching and who wants to be known as the crazy one who talks to herself anyway?


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