The History of a Hangover

August 7, 2009 § Leave a comment


It is an absolute fact that one drink will always find its mate for a second round and that, in my world, often times the first two are followed by about fifteen others. And fuck you if my surprising social movements and immediate friendships and my intense desire to know, laugh and kiss more bothers you. Almost everyone knows how you never leave the party with the same people you come in with-so why bother with the attitude and get over yourself already. If I am consuming my social stimulants and lubricants, then, yes please I will move about and discover.

In other news about the most exciting thing that happened to me might just be the tumblr of Fuck Yeah, Tattoos! though there are some bad ones, the number of tattoos people are getting, boldly across their chest and their thighs satisfy me immensely. I am saving up by sacrificing one less drink each night and will come at you with brand new tattoos to spice up my “look”.

I am also incredibly excited for Fall to come, for when I desert the little summer village I am in right now and throw myself on the dirty streets of Istanbul. Jazz up the hairstyle, invest in the perfect leather jacket and thigh high boots, add tonnes of lace and velvet, get back in the game.

+photo by Jack+Jill



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