Tiptoe in dark water

August 8, 2009 § Leave a comment

Shoe decoGuys.


You wake up and it’s that damn headache again. Your mouth is dry, is it asking for something? Water. Yes, maybe. Food? Most definitely. What is that smell? Your breath. There is definitely something in there, and it definitely died and it is definitely rotting. What’s not in your mouth is someone else’s tounge, yes, that’s right, everyone kept PDA ing you and it was a downfall from there. You should have found that dude you made out with before. Isn’t this exactly why you have boyfriends and girlfriends? That and endless, condomless sex. Right? Well, get up, before, check your cellphone. You hung onto that shit like no other last night. If there was a necklace that you could put on that would carry your cellphone; you’d probably hit that. But not really, and you thought this through, because first, it would bump into your chest and the other boys’ chest that you are making out with, and also you would spill drinks on it like no other. It might also fall into the toilet. And you would dive in, because your cellphone equals love, and then you’d have no friends left because bathroom smell equals to something even worse then your morning breaths after spending nights with the boys Jack, Johnny and Jim. Well, fuck, your day is completely ruined, and mostly you keep thinking about that boy, and that other boy. And it’s not because you are boy crazy, but rather just wanted to show off something other than your shoe. Whatever, go take a shower, lay on the beach, spend more time with Johnny blaming it on happy hour and do it all over again tonight. Yes.


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