A brief mention of generations

August 27, 2009 § Leave a comment

boomerangA good friend, Emmy, has recently said something to me that got stuck in my head longer than the blue one shoulder sequin Balmain dress that I have been dreaming of. But only of course this comment could come from an American [I don’t suppose offense is really an issue here] because they just LOVE naming shit and creating more shit to confuse the rest of the world and pretend to know more terms and quirky trivia then others. Now, I am definitely not a pro at this, in fact the only thing I know of Generations is the Baby Boomers one and that’s only because I began questioning America’s quest to name generations at a very drunk Tuesday night and was told by someone, who I probably don’t talk to anymore, that the reason they’re called that was because during some wars the male species would leave and when they came back the females had a ridiculous and insisting urge to repopulate the earth. [this is, of course, as it stayed in my head, who knows what this person really told me] I am quite lost myself on the generations but I know of one another that is Generation X [which sounds like a very corny Schwarzenegger movie maybe with added race issues]. Seems to me that people born  somewhere between 60’s and 70’s are of this generation which includes most of the cool people I have known. These are mostly the people who now dance, make strange music, write witty articles for the Rolling Stone and kick ass at life. Then there is Generation Kill; that HBO show about the soldiers that went to Iraq, but that’s hardly what I will write about. And there is us, those born somewhere in between 1983 and 1991 when the music was tasteful enough to bear and Girl Power was full force. This generation, myself included, is called The Boomerang Generation.

Now, you can read all about these generation bullcrap on Wiki or any other intelligent internet encyclopedias, I am not a sociologist nor talented at bullshitting things I do not understand fully. The only thing I want to say is, of course, on my defense of how I came about being a part of the “come back-ers”. And it’s really quite simply because I ran away, and because I still want to buy better clothes and still afford to spend money on that extra drink every night. I am sure I will, one day, live off on my own in a over-crowded apartment filled with shoes and jewelery. So I would very much like to take off the pressure of being within a generation that no way implies anything positive but rather makes people think of a scarier version of Chuckie when come across with websites like this; http://www.adultchildrenlivingathome.com/

Oh, but we will eat you. We will eat your furniture, your food, your designer clothes and destroy the rules. Be scared. Be very scared.


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