This is the obligatory post following the 7 day silence

September 4, 2009 § Leave a comment

loveOnce upon a time, I had all the focus and the commitment to figure out this blog. The feeling of superiority ran through my veins, I felt awesome and witty and funny enough to keep this shit up. Knowing me, of course, I can never follow up anything I get started. No, this blog will continue, whether I am funny or not, because for once, I actually want to go through with something. And I want to see what this will take me to, at the end, I have nothing to lose. Aren’t we all published writers as it is? Aren’t we all looking for that special moment when we realize that we have become famous?

I didn’t have internet for almost a week, and I have found that I could survive just as fine with a glass of whiskey during sunset, and continue the night with rolling joints and other consumable products. I played Rock Band and flirted with boys, I bonded with my psychopath disordered little puppy, slept alone most of the time and woke up not remembering anything. I gathered all my favorite magazines’ September issues and screamed one page after another. Wished I could have been born a heiress of some sorts so I can buy all those awesome shoes.

I am going to find the perfect leather jacket and wear it with my sequin tights.


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