May I just point out…

September 10, 2009 § Leave a comment

slashSomewhere between the village emptying, summer ending and re-banging my hair- I got carried away with wine and smokeable products. I want desperately the white blazer that La Roux is wearing in the video Bulletproof, and I want slowly winter to approach just because I know my location will be somewhere not too cold that I freeze my face as I step outside, but cold enough to look cozied in new gear. I almost don’t really have much else to say, simply because I am caught in a time frame where I either watch episodes of HIMYM, or spend my entire mornings devoted to laying on the beach and figuring out absolutely nothing. Most of my folk are getting ready to head back to Istanbul, in order to jump start their school year, and I am refusing to progress in time, so instead I wake up hungover almost every day and waste my hours being “productive”. Although, I think the receiving of The Beatles [Rock Band] will ultimately change my bodily actions. I might just be moving vertically and snap out of my current horizontal whereabouts.

flookbook26Needless to say, it’s almost going to be IMPOSSIBLE for me to get my hands on this kick-ass t-shirt, but I will not be lying to say if there was someone over the WWW who will donate this wonderful garment to me and I’ll fucking make sure I wear this shit every day and document at least a fragment of my day. I photograph pretty well, too,[just ask KATIE] so you’ll almost be paying for me to model the damn thing, I sure know how to whore myself around for a good fucking piece of SHIT. And I mean SHIT in the best way possible. This donation would almost be as good as that guy who sold his foot on e-bay while the purchaser got to decide/design whatever tattoo to get on the foot. KICK ASS.

Seriously, this could be really good, think about it.


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