Beauty standards and such

September 17, 2009 § Leave a comment

beautyI just LOVE that everything is becoming more and more acceptable nowadays. [Thanks to my awesome friend Esen, who got me into this mess in the first place, I have been reading that Birthday Bible Book thing, which evidently states that I am one of the most accepting people there is; and you can see that as acceptable as I am, I would like to be accepted in return.] And my, am I PUMPED that Proenza Schouler’s Spring line has visions like the one above. That is in NO WAY stating that what is pictured above is not appealing because obviously, I have the most tendency to look like her in any other day. I am just generally relieved that it is OK to look like you haven’t brushed OR washed your hair in a really really long time [yah] and that you really only care about the eye make up, focusing on the eyeshadows and eyebrows and kind of ignoring the rest of your face [hellz yah]. It is also just THRILLING to see that it is also OK to walk outside public NOT wearing pants but substituting with tall boots and tights. AWESOME.

I honestly feel like the beauty standards have been extremely low these days, because I see that everyone is drinking and drugging all over the place, putting the ones who do in a better position. Nobody cares if you are straight edge, the youth is all about abusing the body. I have a feeling that we are going to reproduce some cripple generation [who will end up being completely straight edge] and that we will all die in a couple of decades from heartaches, eating disorders, ODs and maybe someone will step on us in a rave or something.

I feel now, that, anyone who is skinny and looks like they just rolled out of bed and figured a combination of clothing that is almost impossible to put together unless they are blazed out of their heads [which they are] look impossibly stylish and hip. Go figure. I follow more websites and blogs dedicated to skinny bitches and hoes with too many clothing on their body and too much time on their hands than anyone I know, and yet I am writing a blog that is almost mostly dedicated to the awesomeness of sequins.

On one hand, I would give just about ANYTHING to go to Fashion Week in NYC and sit on the uncomfortable chairs, wearing uncomfortable clothing and sunglasses [to hide the red eyes, obvsly] but at the same time I am pretty content sitting over here with a baggy t-shirt and no bra on, sipping my coffee with kahlua [hey, it’s almost 1pm!] listening to a radio station that only plays 80’s, and most importantly I am extremely content that I don’t have to worry about wearing what to whose show. But just in case, if I absolutely HAD to go I would probably wear this little number by Stella; maybe substitute the blazer with some other form of extremely comfortable piece of garment that just sort of hangs on my body [to cover the alcohol bulge from attending to all the parties and drinking all their booze, of course]. But really, I would be okay with wearing the boots with a one-piece from AA because that is just how I really roll.


Since I am posting pictures and shit; I would also LOVE to channel more of the awesomeness that is SLASH and wear this number for my birthday;

yesSo, yeah, Alice Temperley, you can send me this awesomeness any time you want.


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