a not so brief encounter with a disco ball;

September 22, 2009 § Leave a comment



But I do remember it as it was yesterday. A birthday celebration of mine at an old disco turned into a restaurant. Most celebrations were held in our homes, as the ages got bigger so did the number of friends and our general body mass; a truth that had us transfer the party goers from the playrooms to restaurants. Though I was still a small kid with three curls on my head-one in each side and a mischievous one that kept dropping between my eyes, most of my friends had doubled my size then and continually grew larger. It was one of the few races I hadn’t been able to win.  I was dragging with me what appeared to be a giant mutant turtle wearing orange bands across its eyes, knees and arms.
Arguably, he was not supposed to be wearing orange, as my favorite turtles Leonardo [because his name started with an “L” and because he used a sword] and Donatello [because of his color choice, which was enough] wore blue and purple, respectively. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; somewhat of a phenomenon was religiously followed by myself and some friends consisted mainly of boys. Unfortunately I didn’t know any girls my age -other than myself who continues to wear pretty little dresses with victorian rose pattern and lace detail despite playing with four male turtles, fight evil and crime to protect the city and its inhabitants. The next best thing I could do, in order to give life to all four turtles and create and action-filled playing time was to befriend the boys. This proved to be a success on my part but a particularly difficult decision making process before each game session as most of them also wanted Leonardo [because of his sword and the color blue, I suppose]. I wasn’t a big girl so I couldn’t sit on them or make them cry, but my determination for keeping Leonardo eventually got them tired as each agreed to settle so we could start fighting pretend crime.
SO one can only imagine my disappointment when I unwrapped the giant box to only be faced with Michalengelo [the orange-band turtle]. According to my parents, I did lecture the gift giver for a minute or two about the importance of color, the weapon and the personality of the mutant turtle, but was eventually distracted by the thing that made me dive into memory lane from the beginning.
It wasn’t the disco years, it was already early 90’s and being young didn’t really matter much other than watching the few channels that we had, playing with my pet sea-turtles, poking my baby brother and preparing Ms Barbie Universe for an entire day [and these were times we didn’t sleep in, so imagine an 8 hour work day to prepare dozens of Barbies for their competition against each other] to be later judged by me and my friend, of course. And mind you, this happened almost every weekend, and our talent in event planning as well as sparks of creativity never died which makes me want to return to those years more than ever.
I don’t remember the first time I ever took a bite of Kinder Surprise [that little devil that looked like an egg and gave you toys to build], or the first time my dog licked my face, but I remember the first time I noticed the lights reflecting from the massive [considering my size at that time] body of mirrors hanging from the ceiling. This strange toy had been hung right in the middle of the dance floor, which was naturally dominated by me, and it was moving at its own pace. There appeared a intoxicating choreography of lights in many colors, bouncing off of each other, moving sometimes with a hurry, in circles, often with the beat of the music. My, oh my, what glorious object this was!
It was an immediate and a natural reaction that I stopped my speech by running to my mother and asking if it would be possible that I have this magnificent toy in my room so I could stare at it all day.
The disco ball never made it to my room. But without an effort I managed to keep the shiny mirrors alive wherever I went. It started with a small keychain and unrolled itself into a quest of finding materials and objects that reflected the light and exaggerated my movement. It didn’t help that I was also a ballerina, thus from a very young age I was introduced to glitter and sequins. Which brings me such joy to write the following; [which I will post tomorrow.] [I also just realized I haven’t at all cursed in this post, so I will add the gracious FUCK right here]


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