bluffin with my muffin

October 2, 2009 § Leave a comment

SurrealMovement2I am pretty sure I am doing something absolutely illegal by posting these pictures without ever linking them, or crediting them of where I find them. Well, tough shit. I’ll do it if I can, and if I don’t I know it’s only going to effect the few people who check out my blog[or whatever the hell this is becoming] and, well, I suppose I should be okay with that.

But I have a feeling that we, the generation of the moment, are awfully illegal at a lot of things. We watch a lot of shit on the internet, including porn and episodes of Gossip Girl, we can follow a talk show on television, read a magazine, write on our blog and video chat with someone miles away-all at the same time. The music we love is insanely suspicious, we all look like we need a bath and a cookie, our cellphones rule us and honestly, we are not sorry for any of it.

I also want to talk about hair because I love talking about it, and I am getting extremely uninspired by the things around me. There is such a thing as long hair, and we all know it looks extremely glamorous and most of the time makes a statement[that is, if it is blow dried or straightened, and it is, almost always, especially in the US] and we know the short hair and how much easier it is, and its statement, though somewhat on the opposite side of the long hair, is almost more appealing to me. I have tried tried TRIED to grow my hair, but just as it hits the spot it is at the moment, which is below the shoulder-just above the boob area- I get an insane urge to CUT IT OFF. My cutting my hair is strangely become a tradition, as almost everyone around me now expects to see me with a different hair cut, every time I see them. And I cannot say that I am not tempted. I am so extremely tempted to do a short bob[and I have fantastic little bangs to support it] or something that looks like it.

But I really just hate really tall woman with really long and skinny legs and really long hair. So as long as they keep their hair short-it is safe for me to walk around them without feeling like an absurd looking alien with low self esteem issues.


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