Perhaps a most important question you will face today

October 7, 2009 § Leave a comment

yeah rightThere is no question in mind how much I love embellishments. That tiny detail on your boots that makes the $84279 worth spending. But I have been debating about this for too long and can no longer bear the fight in my head. So I have to explode it all over this damn post. The socks below are from F/W 09 Miu Miu show and I have started to notice more socks etc embellished with little pieces of glorious objects. But unfortunately, rather than looking like a prized possession, they are beginning to look more and more like a disease. Like the one you get from fucking Paris Hilton. It’s sort of spreading, you see, and it’s on your damn ANKLE. I mean, of ALL the places. I know that even though I am talking shit about this, I will come across one and I will buy it. Then I will post a picture of myself wearing them and publicly announce whatever it is I am going to announce.

Do you get this post? Because I am beginning to lose it.

Either way, two points to make,

  • The socks remind me of all things nasty, even though they themselves is most heavenly.
  • I have kickass legs and even better ankles, so I’ll look damn good in them anyway.

Does this not look like a herpes sock or what?STD SOCKS


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