glitter me this;

October 10, 2009 § Leave a comment

pink glitter shoes omgI can never say this enough; I never met a sequin I didn’t love. Not ever I stopped experiencing the giddy sensation in my brain as it commanded me to extend my arm, reach for that sequin and touch it. Stroke it, as it deserves to be loved. It was as if I fell in love, countless times throughout my adventures with sequins. So one can only imagine my state as the past seasons blossomed their arts in terrifying colors and shapes, layers and sizes of sequins. It was as if the ice-skating costume fairy has turned around and said; I see your love, and I will return it.
Every woman, okay, some women will follow my lead as I pivot in my heel and run to the stores presenting us with everything in sequin, made of sequin, made with sequin and derived from sequins. Right after weeks and months of fashion shows, I run into every designer showroom and department store and the little girl inside me is screaming! She is overjoyed, overwhelmed and cannot contain herself but squeal as she runs towards the shiny section of the store and begins to imagine herself wearing… That is a sequin dress! That is a sequin beret! And oh my god, it is without a slightest consideration that she clicks “purchase” and the low-top bright blue sequined Converse sneakers, and now they are being packed to ship off to her doorstep.
I bow down to thank Salvatore Ferragamo when that long sleeved, sequin covered cocktail dress glided down the platforms at Fall of 2008. And I knew it was love, I knew that from that moment on, we were all superstars and needed to unleash our sparkling personalities and wear them on our sleeves.
It’s a dangerous thing about sequins, that you can wear too much of it and end up looking like you truly belong on the ice rink. But almost just for the sake of not looking like a 9 year old ice skater-the arrival of the rockstar is upon us. These two trends were almost synchronized to go together. I had a perfectly good reason to match my Doc Martens with a sequined vest and look absurdly good.
We have seen it all over, women have dropped their statement earrings and glistening bracelets and replaced them with their leather pants and sequin hairbands. I cannot imagine any other two personalities clashing so beautifully across the figures of many women everywhere. It is as if the Bollywood movies have surrendered to the 80’s England punk rock. It is as if a Harley rider personality has came across a hidden bag of glitter and disco ball mirrors, sewed it on a motorcycle jacket and drove off in the desert, reflecting the sun as it shone.  The middle east found gold again and drenched their harem pants with glamor as  Versace unleashed a beastly little metallic dress to transcend us to skies above.
We all belong to a sequin. There is one out there that will complete you, give you the shine you have been hiding. Go ahead and find it; in leggings, sneakers, miniskirts and statement jackets. As spring approaches sequins meshed with exciting fabrics, evolving into metallics and lame pieces are all coming at you. Exercise your legs, run towards them-not away from them.


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