A story of self convincing

October 22, 2009 § 2 Comments

feather me dirty leigh lezrakWell, they fucking do. And they have the jobs and the boyfriend we want and they attend the parties and get drunk with designers and hear their stories, like that one time they overdozed. Of course, these gorgeous folk only exist to make us feel bad or worse about ourselves. That’s right, you haven’t had self esteem issues until someone as gorgeous stares at you in the face. I mean in real life. Because to make myself feel better about my average length and intricate face, I have decided that so long as there are only photographs and films, we do not co-exist in the same universe. Meaning, all the models and the pretty people live in a different place with all the ghosts and the goblins that scare me at night. So long as we don’t run into each other, they are not in my world and it is simply useless to be threatened by them.

Don’t you wish this was a blog where I posted what I wear-almost as daily as the other “style blogs” have done so? I fucking wish I could. And I probably would, I just don’t think you are ready for it yet.

But if you should know, on a daily basis I am just dressed in tights and a one piece. No kidding.

one more time for the road


§ 2 Responses to A story of self convincing

  • digital pigeon says:

    I’m glad you don’t put up outfits every day. Those blogs are lame. LAME.
    You’ve got way more interesting content. I love it.

  • laturca says:

    oh jeesh.
    style blogs aren’t lame. but they do require dedication and effort, none of which i posses. not in the slightest. no.
    i don’t even bother to read through the posts I make to check spelling mistakes and/or recurring uses of propositions, adjectives and other shit. ie; so long for this post.
    *stabs self in the face and continues to watch swan lake*

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