I got soul but I’m not a soldier

November 16, 2009 § 2 Comments

leatherI have disappointed you all, and I have disappointed myself. In my better attempts of a kick-ass come back, I have written the most hilarious, self-loathing post in my head, just about 12 hours ago, when I was walking my dog. But alternating my daily activities between; dog time, video games, food, television, dance and sleep has gotten awfully distracting. I have managed just about how to occupy myself every bit of moment that I find myself questioning the days and hours that are passing. Only if some Neo sort of prophet like dude that resembles a Keanu Reeves unplugs something in the back of my neck, or a genius socially awkward scientist dude that is as close to Joshua Jackson removes a chip from my fried brain, am I only going to go back to living life as a “regular” person. But you’ve heard enough of that already, haven’t you?

Now that I am forcing my shivering body to remember the details of my awesome fake post this morning, I remember it involving granny-panties. About how you shouldn’t really feel uncomfortable and unsexy in your big underwear. Make laundry day sexy. I think that way my slogan. And I actually had some sort of photo to prove you something. And then my thoughts went into something that complained about technology again, and how if there was a genius invention digital camera that immediately important the photos you’ve taken via wireless. And how you could set it up to do daily, or monthly or hourly imports. Because as you might have picked-up by now, I own a fabulous iPhone and surrendered to Mobile Me [ego.iste@me.com ha!] and everything is excellent and all, but I am too busy of a person to selectively upload my photos one by one to my internet portal. It gets repetitive and frankly though it does the job I am not entirely happy by the iPhone’s camera… which goes back to my point that new and improved quality digital cameras that makes you a photographer on your first shit [sorry, I meant shot] that easily connect to wireless and upload that shit wherever you need them to be. Simple.

Winter is almost here which means that I will be rocking the thick, dark eyebrows and pink lips. Just so you know that.


§ 2 Responses to I got soul but I’m not a soldier

  • siouxzq says:

    what video games are you playing? also, can you come here and shave my head in a chunk like that chick in the picture?

  • lara says:

    I’m playing lots of The Beatles Rockband which should make me simply irresistible for nostalgia.
    Isn’t Alice Dellal fucking hot? I’m going to have to go through a phase and shave half my head also. I decided that I would look very very good with it.

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