let us all be bulletproof

November 23, 2009 § Leave a comment

I suppose the fashion world is crying over the loss of a most beautiful and inspiring model, Daul Kim. This is the sort of shit that brings me back down to earth, about how one can never really have it all no matter how thin, tall or more beautiful they could be. Your appearance should never be the thing that you demand to change, that you believe once it’s altered, your life will become better or whatnot. The move should always come from within you, which is a most difficult thing for those of us who purposefully live only on the inside and try to avoid real life at all cost. One cannot move, think and live all from within, one should explode one way or another, through a gate in life.

While selling soap and being my unusual friendly self, a woman that I was talking to about moisturizers and shower jellies, said to me that I was very special and that I should do something about “that face”. I am assuming all was said as a compliment, that my face, for whatever reason, has somewhat of a value that potentially could launch a thousand ships and start a war and maybe become a female sex object in a Tarantino movie. Either way, the point that I should be doing something about that face, wasn’t taken for granted because it never is, but I wanted a little bit to ask the woman to give me some sort of other courage to actually initiate the something that needs to be done. What do you know, of course, that I really have nothing but balls or courage [however that fits your fancy] and really all the courage I need comes from the appearance department which has at times been let down, at times pampered but always left with that stare that is… there is something there, I don’t know if I quite like it, but it is interesting, the least to say.

Do you know what I am saying?

My half assed potential of being a research assistant of some sorts at the university has failed majorly because I have to take some sort of written exam or some shit. Hopefully, in the next few days, the bitches will realize what they are about to lose to more selling of the soap rather than being a kick-ass whatever at a learning environment. Most of you don’t know this, but I gots lot to teach and quite a bit to learn, but the healthiest to do this all is if I get to pet around a bunch of youngens and become their leader. This is the only affection younger people will ever get from me, except for maybe when I am older and want to bang a younger boy. But that’s not going to happen for quite a while.

Now excuse me while I look up adjectives in Turkish to explain the outcomes and effects of our products to strangers.


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