this is just an affair with hair color

November 26, 2009 § 2 Comments

It’s an incredible feeling I get, the need to look different, express my individuality and so forth. Whenever I am in a new environment and feeling a bit insecure, nervous or feelings that lead me to listen to depressing songs, I end up changing something about my looks. The latest I have done is banging my hair, which is not surprising at all considering I have spend at least half of my life, probably more than that, with bangs on my forehead. [But this is the best that have looked yet] I am cutting the crap-I WANT TO BE A PEROXIDE BLONDE.

I don’t like strawberry blondes, I don’t like ash-y blondes, I like straight to the point, almost white-ish blondes with a serious cut. Something spectacular. Something that when you’re caught wearing questionable garments [like a sequined jumpsuit or a jumpsuit with bunnies on it] would look absolutely drop dead banging. That sort of good looking only happens to two kinds of people; super models, and the people supporting peroxide blonde hair. No kidding.

I have always always always been obsessed with peroxide blonde hair, mostly because it looks out of this world-which it is, and seems like it’s always going to be incredibly soft to touch-which it sometimes isn’t. I almost don’t care the amount of damage I would cause my hair and scalp to achieve that blonde, and crop it from it’s dreadful length right now and achieve the definition of fantastic.

Doesn’t every piece of clothing look better on you, once you have that shade of blonde on your head? Doesn’t everyone just assume that you know the best there is and never question your choices? Don’t the clothes fit better? The accessories look lovely?

Peroxide blonde is so beyond natural and real and ordinary and mundane that I wonder why I am not rushing into a drug store and bleaching my hair already. I convince myself by saying that I am more of a natural look-kind of gal- and I am obviously lying to myself. My closet and my make-up bag beg to differ, even the way my head speaks is screaming at the moment. I am so beyond “natural” that it’s not funny. I would like to be someone else, and what better way to achieve it than going peroxide? I feel like everything about me would make more sense if I had some ultra blonde hair on my head.



§ 2 Responses to this is just an affair with hair color

  • Susan says:

    I’m starting to read this outside of my Google Reader so that I can comment. I want to know what your plan is to achieve peroxide blonde. Are you going to a salon? Are you going to dump peroxide on your hair? What does becoming a peroxide blonde entail?? Enlighten your ignorant fans@!

  • lara says:

    I can only imagine the things that entail being a peroxide blonde! Unfortunately, I am fresh out of imaginative ideas and don’t have much to say except that wearing black (which i always do) would look almost sinful with a head full of sunshine. I have yet to develop a plan and process this hair, but as soon as the religious holiday of cutting animals (don’t even get me started on it) ends, I am heading to my favorite hairdresser and going blonder, one step at a time.

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