What to wear when you’re running away

December 8, 2009 § 3 Comments

In between ballet classes with little ones, crying exhaustively and fighting with a stubborn puppy I have made myself an adventure to go and live elsewhere. That’s right my 3 followers, I will be escaping, running away, and all the other adjectives that I have yet to discover that functions as the ones I have mentioned, to the dirty, over-populated, cold, mystical, gray but all the more alive Istanbul. [I am almost sure that my opinion on this city is going to be changing as often as my haircolor or my weight] The actual date is not yet set as I will be purchasing my ticket tomorrow, and will have to confront my parents and tell them of the situation. In the ideal imaginary world I often live in, they respond to this by popping up that gigantic bottle of champagne that is hidden behind their closet [they are OBVIOUSLY saving that for something, and what better event than MY leaving?] and giving me some pocket money to spend in my next life. But of course, that is not how the events will go because we don’t live in that world and also if we lived in that world my hair would be perfect and I would party with Alice Dellal because that chick knows her shit. However the outcome, I do not care. I am officially spontaneous! Courageous! I am splendid. Let’s celebrate!

So yes, the point of this post was to write about my dilemma as to what I will be bringing with me when I am running away. Logically speaking, and as they usually do in the movies, I am supposed to be bringing just a backpack and an i-pod full of melancholy songs that remind me of sad times as well as a few upbeat tunes that I can imagine to myself how my new life is going to look like. You’ve watched enough of those movies, you know what I am talking about. But as you can predict, I will end up moving out with at least two full luggages. Disasters happen. Mine comes in sequin and lace detail.


§ 3 Responses to What to wear when you’re running away

  • siouxzq says:

    The picture isn’t showing up for me!

    I think you should hire some people to follow you the entire way and carry trunks and trunks of your fabulous, ridiculous clothing.

    I am jealous of your life move.

  • siouxzq says:

    The picture showed up. Nevermind. What a foxy little ass that chick has.

  • lara says:

    That photograph is representing my walking away, bare naked with a fabulous ass towards a splendid house in which i shall prance around and get drunk in my underwear and wear incredibly soft [fake] fur details.

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