Catherine Baba and hair

December 20, 2009 § 2 Comments

I will not get political here, no matter how tempted I am. However I just want to point out something, somewhat of a challenge, I am facing at the moment.

I haven’t complained enough about the difficulties of living here, but here is something that gets quite complicated when followed through.

Catherine Baba is a most fascinating, J’ADORE woman whose interview I have watched online. She loves piling up bangles, eccentric necklaces and supports fur and head gear in almost every season and color. And I think of myself as an open-minded individual, at least when it comes to matters [or manners] in bed or of fashion. And I am fully aware that if I make this post any longer than it is now, I will be confessing my adventures in sexuality as well as a detailed and harsh commentary of the world of Islam. So by avoiding it all, here are a few photos from a recent editorial. You can fill in the blanks yourself.


§ 2 Responses to Catherine Baba and hair

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