January 4, 2010 § 2 Comments

I can’t even LOOK at my dashboard because I know I will have 1 to none visitors from the last, what, two motherfucking weeks?

I know, it’s godawful. As awful as the fact that we eat cheese with mold on it and consider it an exquisite detail. I would love to tell you of all the adventures I have been having, what with working extra shifts at the shop and trying to sell that extra bar of soap, fucking holiday season was way too hard and I am proud to announce that I “entered” my new year watching horror flicks (NOT) Paranormal Activity and drinking (BAD) champagne from a crystal cup with a strawberry in it that I fancied at the last minute. I smelled amazing, though, and have confirmed my start of a new decade with lots of drunkenness, as if we didn’t have enough of that in my current life.

Off the top of it, I am moving, or escaping, or fucking peacing out of this damn place to a new apartment in a new fucking town. Well, bloody fucking hell I am about to murder someone in the process. I think my parents have fully come in terms with the fact that I won’t be living with them anymore (they better be fucking miserable about that) and have been behaving in odd and annoying ways that frustrate me. So I have also been busy dealing with that sort of crap along with a personal clothing disaster, that is called tailored pants.

My butt looks fucking GREAT in them and I feel like I could kick ass and perform all sorts of splits and kicks, but the tailored pant pisses me off in a couple of ways; first it pisses me off because I am only allowed to wear black or white to work, or a stupid combination of both (which is what I often do and why I end up looking like a small child with a terrible case of colorblind(-ness), figure THAT out when you only wear BLACK AND WHITE! – SO all the beautiful darkish gray and purple pants are OUT OF QUESTION. And it’s not like one can pull of black tailored pants without looking like they belong in some 5 fucking star hotel serving cosmopolitans, rarely people can pull off that Audrey Hepburn cropped pant-shit, and I am obviously not one of them for a bunch of reasons. I look (and feel) extremely (uncomfortable) constricted wearing pants. The end of this post suggest;

that I get my shit together and post more

that I either get a better job or a better body where both myself and those around me can enjoy me wearing tailored fucking pants

that with hair curlers in my head and a Little Prince t-shirt on, I look and sound strange and should not attempt this ever again.


§ 2 Responses to amen

  • trashforcereaper says:

    I read this whole blog today, and I’m pretty into it. Particularly into the fact that you don’t post pictures of yourself, actually. My God, I’m bored with people’s faces!

  • siouxzq says:

    I kind of love you.

    I hate work uniforms. I’m wearing a sweater and pearls bc I had to give public testimony. I look like a fucking Republican.

    Yes, please. Post more. I like them.

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