..with black patent bow belt

February 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

I regret to inform you that my blonde ambition has gone a few tones darker to a red red wine. Personally, I have never used this color before but it seems that I am receiving good feedback from the crowd. But then again, I look impossibly good in almost every color and shape, so you can’t really be suspicious.

But this morning, I wore my loafers and strutted down in sunny streets (right, it’s February here!) and smoked cigarettes and ate at a lovely breakfast bar. I also took a long lunch and drank wine during it because I can misbehave like that. Then I got into a fight with someone who was pretending to buy soap but clearly really walked into the shop to piss me off about ethics and testing cosmetics on animals. If it wasn’t that sunny today, I probably would have been fired from my job as I would have thrown a temper tendrum in front of quite the crowd.

My good friend got proposed to after a sexy weekend getaway and I sat down on my ass, firing up my creative spark and coming up with, well, nothing. I have been waiting for romance in my life by simply staring outside the window pretending that the beautiful boys can very well fall in love with me. But of course, I give the universe almost everything it wants and in return it gives me a fucking troll. Maybe I should just ask for a troll and settle for the ugly charming prince.

Stay red, kids.


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