everyone’s allowed nervous breakdowns

February 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

This was supposed to be a post about Friday nights and my butt, but as you can imagine, I, again, wrote it all in my head long before down on my computer and have, in result, lost most of how the sequence of tying it all together.

Naturally, working with loads of people of different ages and faces has sorted me out to be a more socially aware person. I am afraid that’s what’s breaking me to pieces because I expect people to fit into my sense of humor and my style and that only leads to disappointment. In the end I will always be the awkward person in the room with strange clothes on her back and not many people left to talk to her. But I do know many people with dyed hair that don’t go so lovely with their skin and eye colors, and I also know people with whom I can sell soap for a minute and talk about the U.S. politics the other.

Readers, I have gone local.

I take little buses to get to places, I use words that others can comprehend and I still dress inappropriate for the weather I am living in. But worry not for I still get jittery when I talk about social media and my shower is still red from the damn dye on my head.

And I still get extremely bored when I meet people who use Twitter to update the world on what they are “doing”.

But I suppose I will get it together sometime soon, I promise.


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