Time will pass and I will actually have to wear perfume.

February 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

With my roommate gone to visit her family and a beautiful boy to spend time with, I am relieved to say that I am officially back in the internet. So much so that I bought a bottle of my favorite chilean white wine and am currently enjoying it with some ready made sushi. Aren’t I so fancy?

Another birthday has gone by and now am officially 23. I like the sound of it though, it’s a sophisticated number, sounds sexy to say it out loud. This year should really be about diy fashion for me, as well as bargain hunting. You won’t believe how excited I was at finding hidden gems all over Istanbul, packed with most of the clothing I already own or wouldn’t mind spending a few dimes for. The nightlife is pretty fantastic as well, there’s nothing better than drinking beer on the street wearing my high heels. It’s become more appropriate than you think.

But readers, I have upgraded from selling soap to selling actual artwork. Isn’t that fascinating? I will be the backbone of a charismatic, loony woman who appreciates exaggerated hair accessories! And I can wear anything! No more black restrictions! This only means, though, that I will be starting to wear black more than ever [if that is possible] but, be happy for me, because I will rock this white room with color splats better than I am rocking the colorful room full of smells.

Hair update: Well, my dark dark red hair color has taken a dramatic turn at orange. Now my scalp supports hair red as Ariel’s [as Susan has exclaimed!] and the ends a warm yellow-y orange. This is all too fabulous, really, because I now support a gradient hair of red-orange and yellow. And I’m not even trying that hard. I’m telling you, I have been blessed with fantastic hair.


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