this is my soul movement

February 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

Hello Internet,

It has been quite a while and i promise (this time forrealz) to keep you updated to your best interest. Recently, I have quit my soap selling job to sell paintings and sculptures and getting drunk with complicated artists. I still eat microwave food (except for the times I go out with friends) and I still wear a lot of black (except for when I absolutely have to). It is thrilling to be alive, world, I hope you are using it to your advantage.

As you can see, I have survived yet another birthday and even another job. All things come to an end, as my journey as a readhead approaches to its termination. I have proved that I can rock this red shade (which slightly faded to a orange, representing, I should assume, the fire within me) but now it is time to go peroxide. So peroxide, in fact that I am going to need to balance it with navy. Just like this chick;

I don’t have an actual date or plan in my head, but we all know I would look extremely good with this color. no?

The weather has been awful, either lots of rain or sunshine, which balances itself out well but you see, I still have lots of winter outfits that I didn’t get a chance to wear. So with baring the warmer weather and embarrassment, I will continue to dress like it is about to snow anytime.

What have you been doing, readers?


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