a tale of lace

March 2, 2010 § Leave a comment


Tonight is the opening for the gallery I work for. How fucking thrilling, you will say, and yes while it is all glamorous and flashy and titilating and yes, there are about 30 bottles of wine all left under MY supervision..I’m afraid I don’t see the bad thing about this scenario anymore.

The world is angry, readers, the earth is screaming at us through earthquakes and other rainy troubles and I cannot help but worry about my own safety and well being, I don’t care much for the rest of the world because I figured, if I can take care of myself, the rest of the world sure can.

But of course, like my choice in men, I am very wrong about this, too.

I will not rub it on your face, though, surely you don’t need me to complain about the world and its humans, that’s why God gave us Al Gore.

I am still in major culture shock, if you must know, everything that happens to me on a daily basis I embrace with smirks and loud curses and I think I fit in perfectly. There is a major case of lack of common sense and individuality, I am living with people who cannot get by their day without consulting a friend or two about the choices they make.

How fucking horrifying would that be for me, if I had to ask someone what their opinion is on what I wear on a day to day basis? Major chaos. *salutes major chaos* Here is the thing, though, this asking for opinion is a big part of the whole I live in a community, everyone knows me and loves me and I love them sort of thing. I am already best friends with the lady who gives me my birth control shots, who sells me paint so I can toxify my face to look a bit more decent and the guys at the hair saloon who just fucking love playing with my hair (but who doesn’t, really). Everyone does know everything about everybody and to find out more they have developed this evil, cute ways of getting under your skin and sucking your blood.

That’s why I want to have a t-shirt that says Don’t you fucking talk to me so something of equivalent.

*Is what I will look like tonight, as my spontaneity(how quickly I blame it) has had me pick out an lacey strapless jumper that is a size too big (the PRICE was such a bargain!) and now have to cover my humps or lumps (you pick one) with a strict blazer. I have killer shoes, though.


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