let’s all define each other, eh?

March 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

Oh, hipsters.

What a complicated relationship we have. We can sit together, drink whiskey and talk about my orange hair, or your half shaven head with your ironic glasses on. We can dance to strange noises and make fun of other people. We can exchange hats and outfits, try on each others shoes and maybe even make out with the same boy. And then I turn around and I see a pile of people, individually looking exquisite and different, nontheless all the same. Y’all wear the same hats and the same shoes and you get drunk at the same bar drinking the same drinks. But I love you anyway, especially because you amuse me so.

Readers, yesterday at the gallery I was bored to near death so I began talking to myself. The conversation was led to many places. Including the spontaneous online purchase of Guitar Hero 5 which comes with drums and all that jazz. What an interesting life I lead. As if I don’t spend enough time abusing my brain on drugs and alcohol, now I will take over the screen and likely cause my neighbors to complain because I play drums with such passion.

I am still on the edge in terms of  the job market, seeing that I am very close to getting something that could be worthwhile, where I will be stimulated by the brains of others and exercise my own. I am quite excited for this one, but have yet to finish up the projects they have assigned to me. But worry not, I will do good one day.

Last night, I may have done a serious business proposal to a girl I met, like, twice before in my life. But I figured this really is how shit works. You drink, you propose and life continues. I may have also confessed my deathly fear that there will be an earthquake in Istanbul really really soon. You know my obsession with the end of the world, readers, lately so many people have tweeted about earthquakes and Turkey that I became paranoid and simply had to let it out of my mouth and into someone else’s brain.

Today I am dressed by a still-very-drunk-from-all-that-free-whiskey lara who had me put on my ghetto aquarius earrings, a gold headband, 80’s gold/black sweater, black tights, lace detailed socks and green shoes. My face is make up-less because I am looking effortlessly ironic. I must belong somewhere with this outfit, I just cannot place it in my head, yet.

Go to opening parties, people, it’s a loss to be normal.


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