Love at first gigabyte

March 16, 2010 § 2 Comments


Ah, the internet.

First you have us all fooled with your useless information stored in the depths of the world wide web, then you put porn somewhere in there makin most of our lives easier (in terms of sexual frustration) and maybe add some insecurities to quiet girls and boys who aren’ so well endowed, then you produce something like and cure our insanity and maybe unleash our inner diamonds. (at first it was a typo, but I prefer diamonds to demons.)

This is random-er than stalking your friend’s cousin’s ex-girlfriend’s illegitimate babies, or stalking your popular lover on twitter then actually putting your foot to work in real life (because you obviously know where he is, especially if he is using an iphone or blackberry and has published his coordinations). Do you see where I am going with this? THE INTERNET HAS MADE STALKING TOO EASY.

It’s not considered an art anymore, when you had to pay attention to details and carefully observe everything without being caught. Well this website has TWO cameras. One on you and one on them.

I really think it’s one of the most productive websites on the internet for those of us who like to observe, make fun of, mock, moon, tease or flash new and different people. Do you think love could happen over chat-roulette?

Girls behaving bad (mostly aged 11 to 20 depite the age limit of 16) and boys talking from their beds in low lighting. It’s like really bad porn. But who really gives a shit, it’s free, it’s fun, it’s an awesome way to entertain yourself when your mind is intoxicated or else, and you can really unleash your inner internet self and maybe find your soul-or lack thereof-mate.

There is also a map, so you can see how fucking popular this shit will get.

*= This, which really deserves it’s own post, or blog, or website or universe, is the talented Ardan Ozmenoglu-a conceptual artist from Turkey. She has had an innovative gallery showcase right where I work, and this is what she produced. A wall full of breasteses. Naturally, I found it most appropriate with this topic of conversation. Find out more about her here;


§ 2 Responses to Love at first gigabyte

  • terrett101 says:

    That chatroulette map is a great distraction at work (albeit it far from safe for work). I looked in Turkey for you, I was hoping for some 80’s style gold glitter spandex outfit or something, but all I found were men holding parts of their body. Not quite as fulfilling. I looked around where my office is, and there’s also a guy down the street holding part of his anatomy. Clearly there’s a growing bandwagon here that I seem to have missed the memo on.

  • lara says:

    I told you, all the flashers and the mooners and the teasers are having the time of their lives.

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