to protect or not to protect

April 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

As if I didn’t have enough to worry about, my courage and enthusiasm has me adding people to my social webs all over the place. I go on that website we talked about, where you can chat with people all over the world. So far, I have developed three crushes, made a couple of friends, actually added somebody on facebook (limited profile only, guys, as if) saw a total of 4 boobs (that would be 4 pairs of boobs and 8 seperate breasts) and 25 penises. But these shouldn’t be the only reason why you should log on and start rouletting.

I have also been following people on that other web where you chirp and sing the things that you are doing, would like to do, have done, will do or make up jokes about it all. I think that website is really for people who are having fun with the internet and are saying something to make someone laugh or think and really, don’t give a SHIT. Well, I don’t give a shit that I am spilling all the details of my sex life as well as my drinking, and my complaining. TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT BITCHES.

I’ll tell you the only dangerous thing about this all; the people in real life, who love to show you off and talk to you as if I was a real person. I wish that when you really were on the internet, you were phsyically in a different dimension and you had completely altered looks and no one would be able to tell you apart from when you are walking on the street. (But you know, I will get over this and somehow people will learn to accept me as both or neither. Suppose the latter would work out more beneficial in my life as I am going to lose my friends and job anyway. C’mon who would remain friends with THIS?) Like, last night I danced around with (via the internet, so if you could just imagine what that would look like) a person dressed as a bright orange superhero. If my nerd knowledge was a bit more up-to-date I would be able to tell you which superhero he was dressed up as, but alas. It was a serene moment, where I acknowledged the superpowers of dance, music, the internet and the second bottle of wine. Then I clicked next because I wanted to amuse myself further and what else would I see but a giant flaccid penis and a hand. Supposed to say I was quite amused. And scared. And badly scarred.


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