spring fling. bing a bing.

May 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

I thought spring was smelling the flowers and dancing under the sun. I thought it involved lots of fruit even more alcohol and I thought it okay to have a clean buzz somewhere after noon. I thought it meant lunch with friends, brunch with lovers and all other food activities smuggled in between. It thought that you can declare your happiness despite your tears in the cab on your way home where you play heartbreaking songs and drink everything else that would consume your brain until the sun rises. Spring is supposed to be a bit more about awakening your skin and hair, updating your wardrobe, kicking off your socks for a bit more barefoot time. Adding flower patterns to your clothes and not taking your sunglasses off for 6 hours. I thought it meant having a fullfilling brunch (despite the non existant mimosas-which is going to be my required rule for brunch locations) and walking it off by the sea with sun warming you up and preparing you for an afternoon nap.

Well, it involves all of that and more. What they never mention is that if my brain thinks twice as hard about him, well, then, there is absolutely no point in even remotely trying to enjoy any of the above.


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