a(gain) friday feeling

May 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

I am not supposed to drink coffee, but here I am with a giant mug of a latte, boiling away at it’s pace and here I am sipping it into my stomach. I am not supposed to smoke cigarettes but there I was inhaling the bitter weightless smoke away again, into my lungs where they devour all the hurt and the rush gets me high one more time. I am not supposed to eat chocolate but there I was biting into something of a 80 percent of pure dark chocolate beans melting in my mouth and sipping it to a complimentary taste with a Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon which, again, am not supposed to be sipping at all but the acids and the grapes and the hint of cherry and spices, oh my what a delight that helps me sleep at night. 

I shouldn’t be sleeping, or be dreaming, I shouldn’t be staying awake thinking of anything. But I shall treat my heart again, am I forgetting? Am I healing? Am I loving still? I suppose I have already started dreaming of the next. Well, that’s good news, then.

My hair is brown again, I shall sleep again, and dream again. It’s fucking beautiful out, I shall run free again.

It’s about time I get inked again.


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