learning to …

May 24, 2010 § 3 Comments

The intoxicating thing about summer is all the skin. The legs, the arms, the chest. Fuck, and there’s the weather. The fucking sun and the damn sand. I think that I am fully aware that I will be spending most of my time in closed spaces, though filled with artworks and colors and patterns, I will experience the sun and the heat less than ever. And, you know, now it turns to psychology rules of how you want something even more than ever once it’s been forbidden to you. Though I have always enjoyed my time under the sun (some even could say that it is my secret profession) well, this summer, I am learning to be an adult (some would say that it’s quite impossible).

As it comes to matters of the heart. It’s funny how someone still can smell the same. And the electricity between you can still draw you closer to each other. Well, yeah, I haven’t forgotten or learned shit.


§ 3 Responses to learning to …

  • S says:

    Being inside in the summer sucks. Especially when you’re leaving work or something and you see all the beachy babes in wet swimsuits in the store or at the bar and then have to deal with seething jealousy.

  • lara says:

    the beach is nowhere close to where i live. thank the summer gods.

  • Rob says:

    Your brain is lovely. I relate to like 96% of the things you write. I’m glad I found this blog.

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