let’s stay together

June 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

Really I’ve tried.

I woke up early mornings, 5am for this very day, I went to bed dead late, 6am once. But no. No words came out my fingers, nothing particularly to say. Perhaps I didn’t have the energy and the patience, or I didn’t have the goods to keep me high in the clouds, with a numb heart to pour it all out. (how the fuck is it I have started to rhyme? where were you – my rhyme inspiration – when i was struggling in improv class and pretending to have something caught in my eye, throat, shoe, anything-when it was my turn?)

But the honest truth is that, committing to a consistent blog, or even a newspaper column takes more effort than I thought. I am one who posted three times even in the summer, when all I was responsible for was catching the sun rise and the sun set, and would wonder around barefoot in all the time in between- not the most sober behaviors, needless to say.

But I have come to realize that those folk who update regularly, with obscene amount of information and a gazillion things to say either, are very much schizophrenic and are living in a completely imaginary world where they have made up everything and everyone, or don’t particularly work at jobs that require 9 hours of soberness and vigilance, 6 days a week, don’t particularly have a social life where they get held up in time, don’t practice any form of bodily actions that make them sweat, break and build up and most importantly don’t require a diet that consists of vodka martinis and chocolate.

So I guess what happens is, you pick a path, try to stick with it, and hope for the best. For now, my path seems to be hot pink nailpolish and a lovely shower. Cheers.


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