What A Show

July 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

Let me explain some things, readers. Anonymity is fantastic. Especially for a gal like me who curses, loves, complains, gossips, delivers and exaggerates all of life’s darling happenings right here for you to read. An though this is clearly a, you-can-read-it-if-you-want-to kind of blog that I simply cannot be bothered to fix my language or behaviour and don’t necessarily have to explain anything to anyone.

But I have mentioned in my earlier posts how sacred being anonymous is for me. In a blog, or any other medium.

It’s bad enough that Facebook disaster is allowing me to be the number 1 professional-yet-subtle stalker on all 7 continents (if you learned 6 that is a LIE, I find that Latin Americans don’t like to be referred as a one big continent. Or was it the other way around? I’ve lost track of each country’s insecurity towards the world and its placement) and I do this stalking thing so well that I can reveal things that people don’t even know about themselves. But I play it cool and no one ever knows that I know what they don’t know.

Then this micro blogging damn blue bird came into our lives and I’ve turned that into a drunk-horny-selfish-opinionated-arrogant-cussing alcoholic and I’ve liked it extremely until I found that people have been following me, all the while knowing me in real life. This caused a problem in my head, because one of my many personalities (probably the opinionated one) resisted its urges to write things that are rude and unacceptable in the particular land I live in, while the arrogant one kept going at times. Before I let this paragraph become a fight of who is who of the human crap that is in my head, I will just finish by saying what I did in my last tweet for @lalarra which is now @shamalamadingo (for obvious hilarious purposes) “I am quitting Twitter and Drinking. But one of the two is a lie.”  Considering I have about 5 twitter accounts, 7 e-mail addresses, 5 blogs, endless personalities and a very obvious drinking problem this is going to be a fun ride.


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