And I said to my soul

July 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

Though I don’t particulary like to call it that, “sacrifice” is about the biggest difference between grown-ups and adults.

How I sacrifice my sleep to see the sunlight for longer, and to hear my friend’s laughter and to train my body to be stronger. How I sacrifice a magical weekend of sun and the water for my heart, for I know that once I am where I could be, I could see things that will hurt me and the wound, this time, will take a little longer (to heal).

I sacrifice my Saturdays for other man and woman, who translate their art on to canvases and I am sort of a guard, a care-taker for their creative babies. And while it is an essential duty and a very holy one at that, there isn’t much I sacrifice, for I am freely typing these, have a whole day of solitude and understanding. I don’t have to speak with anyone on the subject matters they choose to blabber about. Most importantly, I am away from all things that cause me sadness and hurt, I am in my little cube where my body and soul are charging. And this is about the most peaceful my summer is going to get.

Sure there are things that I could do, but at this moment of this particular year at this particular age and with this particular hair, the best thing I am doing is to reflect upon myself. The holiest, most precious gift of all. And y’all have to read about it. Booya.


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