won’t stop till it’s over

September 3, 2010 § 3 Comments

Well this was only inspired by two people who are trying to make a trend, one I have been stalking for over 6 years (and I think she knows) and the other I’ve met in real life and have only been stalking for a couple of months (that’s still a compliment). I would do that fancy thing with the internet and link those bitches right here, but alas. I only know how to do this: (this is only because wordpress is confusing) http://thingsitoldmycattoday.wordpress.com/   http://everythingsamazingnobodyshappy.blogspot.com

Views from Bedroom windows:

1. Izmir, Goztepe

Well what is that, it’s a giant window facing east of what is Izmir, Turkey. It’s facing a district with old houses and apartments. I woke up to this view for 17 years. In the beginning, it was all fascinating, in the afternoon my favorite thing to do was to look down and imagine all the people walking by having different life stories (which they did) and I constructed them on pieces of paper. Late at night, there was a open-air (what) cinema right across so I watched all the black and white films with bad subtitles. That was about the most fascinating thing that happened. Later on, as I grew up, saw things differently, became depressed, obsessed and confused my balcony (oh, did I not mention that?) was my only motive to look at things differently. I no longer studied those walking by but I started looking up at the stars and the moon and mostly my other neighbors. I watched a bride get prepared, a couple having a fight, I watched two kids get older, I watched as an old lady hosted card parties and later disappeared.

2.Worcester, US of A

What? I don’t know. I don’t remember. Most of the view I saw was green trees and than later on just white (from the snow). That’s really all I remember as the rest of the views I saw were mostly from other people’s windows. From that morning afters.

3.Still Worcester

Just one floor up, facing the other side. Do I need to re-explain? Not really. But this time, I spent most of my time awake, watching the sun and the moon, singing songs and eating. Doesn’t sound that different to me.


First floor. Mostly just cars. And drunkens. Not that entertaining. Though I can say that I have tried plenty to be.

5.Worcester, again.

Ah, the triple windows. I pounced, I prayed. But mostly, I cried. I saw the light and the dark both at the same time. It was as poetic as this blog entry.

6.Ahem, Worcester.

A bay window of the same apartment in the same city. Just snow, pure snow as I remember. Mostly I remember going up to my porch and drinking by myself.

7.The W.

Not the hotel, still the worcester. This time it is the room next to it, so I see snow, still. My favorite thing to do on my late days were to stay in my bed, hungover, and watch the snow fall right next to me. Because there was a giant window to my right and it was the most amazing thing ever.

8.64 Charlotte, Worcester.

This was mostly crap. So much crap that I remember putting a giant tapestry (because I couldn’t find a curtain) to cover the mess I saw. And for the next year, I kept staring at the tapestry and not the empty window of the house next to ours.

9.Cambridge, MA

Though this probably won’t count as MY bedroom, it is still a place I occupied for a while and woke up to for what seemed like a million days. It was the Cambridge fancy bridge, the Science Museum, The park and many in between. I spent what seems like my youngen years here, and though I pretend I don’t regret it, a part of me must have been murdered over there.

10.Boston, MA

New England Medical Center. How ironic when all I needed was some mental help.


Nothing. Absolutely nothing at all.

This does not mean I have no window, it only means that I cannot see the beauty in this “absolutely nothing at all”.


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