And The Phone Ringing Disturbs the Silence and I Continue Working

September 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

What better night than tonight would be for me to start typing whatever blog I said I was going to create for a millionth time over the last couple of months. I even had a dream last night that I started this fancy thing where ı took pictures of what I ate and where I went and it was a fantastic approach to a wannabe life. But unfortunately, like every other thing I get interested in, my passion for this has failed. I grew tired of poeple and am spending time in solitude and Mad Men scenes.

Writing of solitude, I want tonight to go fasted than designer shoes on sale because it’s Fashion Night Out for the first time ever in Istanbul and like most things that are thought to be organized well and would work out smoothly, it will FAIL big time. And here is why;

I will be just out from yoga where I practice sweating on a piece of camouflage tights and a tank top then come out exhausted and won’t want to change my outfit and though my shoes are gold- I will be discriminated among those long haired manicured expensive and stylish women who don’t often look at where they are going because they are on top of 10 inch heels and Nisantası’s streets are hills-y. (I mean that literally not like, The Hills reference way)

I might see a bunch of people I won’t want to interact with like, my old boss and her 9 inch heels, her brother who is awesome but will ask a lot of questions on my wherabouts, that guy I used to hook up with and his new girlfriend, that other crowd I’ve been avoiding, that photographer who took my picture one time, and the other one who put it online where I got the comments “My eyes are tired looking at that combination” on a style-blog-ish-thing, DVF who is actually coming for this night to her store opening (and this is because she is like this amazing woman and I look like a peasant who wears gold shoes), and many many more things I would rather avoid.

What I don’t want to miss are;

Free drinks, discount shopping, prizes, cupcakes and likely spotting someone cute. But nisantası is so small and intimate that I would rather just hide from it all.

Besides, I have been saving True Blood season finale for an occasion of hide-out anyway.

And on a last note: The things I want this fall/winter;


Awesome BOOTS

A kickass hair cut/color

A fierce BAG

And some statement pieces.


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