How I skipped 3 1/2 years in one night

September 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

The thing with short hair is, it doesn’t look right on everyone-because you imagine boy=short hair girl=long hair. And especially once you live ina country where more than 75 percent of the population of women posess long ass hair and the rest cuts theirs because of bad dye-jobs, cancer or a nervous breakdown (and some really even cut it because they GASP are stylish) it’s difficult to be put into a category.

I have always wanted short hair-probably more than I ever wanted long hair, I assume this is because having short hair seemed to me something that could happen in a time of NEVER that my desire and courage for it built up at great amounts. Between my seeing other women with short hair (even the ugly ones), talking with people who suggest I cut my hair and photoshopping my face to Mia Farrow’s hair and an insane nervous breakdown I cut it short. And dyed it white. Like pearl white. Off silver. I don’t know ho wto explain it.

Now I not only have accomplished my one goal when I was supposed to turn 27, I also know what I wil look like if I age with silver hair. As flattering a look as it is, I face a serious situation as I step outside and it takes a while for poeple to take in what is happening around my face. Many have asked to stare at it a while to get used to it, many have ignored it (probably to refrain themselves from being blindingly obsessed with my gorgeous shiny hair) and many enjoy commenting on it.

“Oh, It’s like, really white”.

Yeah, really, I GOT THAT. I know it. It’s the same thing I thought of  when I woke up in the morning and realized there isn’t really much to do except to wait.

“So, when is it going to be on your shoulders again?”

Uh. I don’t fucking know. What the hell do YOU think? Maybe like, a year, maybe two? Maybe NEVER.

The worst thing you can do, at a situtaiton of a drastic change in outerwear (and I mean hair, make-up, clothes) STEP AWAY FROM THE PERSON AND KEEP YOUR OPINIONS TO YOURSELF.

I’m not having THAT BAD of a day.

I’m just really excited to wear this purple patterned very 70’s dress tonight with my hair like this and get people confused about my sexuality and my mental health.


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