Art Fairs, iPhone applications, the New Media, Curators etc.

September 23, 2010 § 2 Comments

What is art? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me no more.

Since I am working in the art field and all, editing a fancy-ass art review magazine, knowing and constantly being introduced to all sorts of art people and being even a critic at all stages of the arts, I have come to a conclusion that my opinion, while valuable, is not THAT essential to the comtemporary art world in Istanbul.

And my understanding is , that one can really as easily become an art critique as a chocolate whipped cupcake. You just need to fill it in and add the extra few dressings on top.

I have the chance to view many many works, talk with many many artists, attend many many shows, and I’ve finally realized that while my blabberings about ripped tights (it’s almost winter, after all) and alcoholism, I can also blabber a bit about what is happening in the art world, where I live and pray that no one finds this blog, takes all this at a very offensive angle, and causes me to regret my decision to share my brains in the internet portal.

Mainly I care very little about what people think-especially what they think about what I think, but I figured, if one can review me I might as well review them. Now, this sounds a bit harsh just listening to it in my head-since I am also creating stuff and putting it out there and easily people can say-well this is fucking bullshit-just as I can say- well this is fucking bullshit- to a piece i don’t enjoy. So I will try my best to be fair at all costs and focus on the potential wonder that is this website.

I just got an e-mail from this one fair that we attending and they’re just letting us know that an iPhone application which includes gallery informations, pages from the catalogue as well as press releases. I am extremely thrilled about this new media. Now, I think what they need is, little like buttons-or better yet- something that can automatically update our FaceBook status to “Blah Blah likes blah at Blah Blah Art Fair”.


§ 2 Responses to Art Fairs, iPhone applications, the New Media, Curators etc.

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