think of the times when

December 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

Of all the efforts of all the days, it is only this moment I have decided to take a seat and pour it out. Only because this past month I have lost and gained a lot, from my general life and heart as well as my closet, so one can only appreciate a long break and the awkwardness that begins with a new start.

The weather is now cold, so I can wear boots and fabulous hats, I made a brief visit to two of my favorite places in the world and got togethee with some of my favorite peoples in the world. Though I have decided to regretfully cut cheese from my life – I am trying something new and I am getting really good at it – I feel much different, empowered, confident, almost like.. I have reached a new stage in my life, that is actually a bit higher than the previous one. My posture is dramatic as I have been ignoring paying attention to my body, I have mostly been dressing and painting over it. I am supporting the BEST platinum blonde I’ve had these past 7 months (that’s evidently, how long I have been rocking this look) although, I have had many thoughts cross my head if I shoudl switch to dark or not, but really, I remind myself that I am paying tribute to someone very special to me at the moment, and this time it’s not Madonna, so I will refrain from thoughts of dark, until the hair grows, or until I grow.

Stuck in between thoughts of rising within my field, or rising across my field, finally transferring myself to the other altitude, where the dreamers and the creators run together. I have been asking the universe to guide me in the correct route, I hope I get the message soon.


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