pieces (yes woman)

January 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

even though you mostly aim for different topics, to ease the pain, to not cry, to not get lost in memories, to not get depressed, to not see the reality, etc., the topic you avoid will come up. the woman you don’t want to speak of, for the reasons I have stated above, will surface into the air. not only because you cannot avoid not talking about her, because how could you, she has been present in your life for the whole time, not just emotionally but phsyically, as well as through jewelery, clothes and music, but also because she was someone to talk about.

in fact, i often think that most of the reasons that she was someone to talk about was because of her personality, in it that, someone, who always said “yes” and always smiled.

knowing me, these two are the actions I do the LEAST. as in, i never say yes unless someone asks me for another glass of wine, and the only smile (i fake) is when i am watching something funny that Michael Cera is doing or saying. so i often think that this particularly is the reason why i should repeat these two acts more often that i regularly do.

are poeple in your life often there to see your limits, your restrictions, your aims, your ambitions and your emotions? if that is so, then i can see why my grandmother was present and i can see why she chose to depart at a time like this.

and going to my path of selfishness, then, where do i stand? what do i teach?


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