wouldn’t you

January 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

i can’t even imagine how to begin,

the things i can explain

have no definite ending

and no legit beginning

i am trying to understand what hapens when you die

and when you leave behind other people

don’t you wish you were with them

are you THAT happy to have disappeared- THAT content with your choice

that you never long to stay back here?

you never desire to touch or talk with that person again?

and for those that are left behind:

how would you even deal

knowing that the last time you remember of that person

is the last time you ever saw that person

and so you sometimes regret some of the things you’ve said

some encounters you’ve had

wouldn’t you have been kinder

more patient


wouldn’t you have cried on her arms

instead of yelling at her then run away crying?



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