Courgae* (*courage)

February 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Oh, what.

So what if I agree to have drinks with that boy who occasionally comes to the gallery, obviously interested in purchasing a painting, and interested in me after I have kindled with his friend. (Yes, things that are out of reach to you will forever be more appealing than things you can’t reach)

But this is a part of the various exercises, or rather breakable limits on my list of things for this year. You know how I am saying “yes” and all, washing that frown away while thinking of positive things for my upcoming days. And this saying yes to having drinks will be something that I am practising for myself. This is a plan I have postponed, or rather, have tried every possible excuse, to get out of, including but not limited to; yoga, cooking dishes for friends (I don’t have friends), having a movie night with girlfriends (I don’t have girlfriends), injuries (I never get injured- expect for right now I posess an injured arm, which happened because, GASP, I use my hands too much-and yet still cannot be considered a proper excuse to even get out of being at work), sickness (I don’t get sick) and even straight up saying that I do not want to see him.

Although, there is an issue that when you start saying yes, you either need to know your limits, and start saying no, or you will forever be doomed to nod your head and remain excuse-less. And that is the thin red line. Because strangely enough, once I show my face, once I start saying “yes”, it seems that I give to the otehr party the ability to say and do anything.

So my limits, my ability to start saying no, or rather, my courage will be tested tonight, carefully.



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