how to turn it off

February 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

This new generation lovers, those that get influenced by a drink or the greens, the ones whose souls are taken over when the correct music hits them, and the ones that live life through stages of adventures, colors and more emotions.

I have remembered what it was like to hang out with real people, who don’t barricade their words from coming out their mouths, or don’t mind that the sentences are crooked, or that their hair is oily. I remembered them, and I have felt proud of myself when I accepted that this was the day I would wake up in someone else’s bed, witness a new smile, hear a different song, eat cookies and don’t force so much of my ambition to be active and happy. And it so turns out that when you let go, it is very often that what happens is extraordinarily beautiful, and will make you appreciate the thing that happened that really was what you have secretly wanted.

I could write more on waking up in other’s beds, and turn this happy essay into something that I would write on my deathbed, soemthing so grotesque and filled with sad emotions of loneliness and desperation. But I shall not do that just yet, because today I have promised the Universe to be good and calm, and I have made a promise to accept what happens to me when it happens to me. I will not control anything more than my hairstyle (and color, I should hope).

I have also declared February, officially my motherfucking month. I haven’t claimed it this way before, but I have always been aware of it’s supernatural powers.

It is amazing that I am secretly happier, more energetic, more optimistic (obviously), bolder and even sexier(apparently). Perhaps this all becasue I let go off all my expectations and desires for the month of February (as it happens, it is my birthday month and I try not to be disappointed so much, by expecting less to nothing), and turns out to be something that I need to practice for more than just the month of february, then.

The title above, really goes well with my negative energy that I was going to reflect here, that includes how and why you should practice turning off certain things about certain people, their qualities and their charms, so you can move the fuck on. But it has been decided by my creative muses, that I am going to have to write about everything BUT turning off the charms and advise myself to go out and smile at the beauties and shine on.

But don’t worry because it is only natural that I have a bad day, and on that bad day, I am bound to write about the disappointing love affairs.


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