can you tell this is a saturday post

February 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s always a whole lotta easier to avoid the situation, then to confront it and face the truth.

That you are spending time with a boy who is not someone you wanted, you are in a place where you don’t necessarily want to be because of your laziness and your non existing desire to work. Perhaps to commit.

Perhaps to look at someone and say, No, this is NOT how I want to do this.

It’s always easier to sleep in a bit more.

Press the snooze button again.

It’s easier to pretend that you haven’t heard it. Or seen it. Or read it.

Let’s face it, the undesirable circumstances are often the ones that are ignored a whole lot.

And just because you ignore it, don’t mean that it’s not there.

When you are struggling to prove yourself, it must only get harder from the moment you decide to commit to your act.

And here we all are, committing to some thing, some one, some where.

And now tell me, is that fair?


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