that being said

February 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

cleansing yourself from your sins

forgetting everything you know

stepping into a bigger existance

someone i know, who has stepped in my life, has been practicing the path of self forgiving. for all the things that she thinks are flaw, of all the sins that she’s chosen to perform, all the bad thoughts, the naive games, the shenanigans. she recognises them, and forgives herself of her sins.

it’s a cleansing ritual where you relive all the relationships and break them down and write down how they made you feel. how the relationship made you feel. i can safely say that most of the things that i have gone through, the emotions i have felt, were all very similar, were all centered around a girl who had walls that simply cannot be put down. and perhaps that is why she has suffered so, thirsty for affection, yet unavailable to it constantly.

and the male leads in her life, remain the same, similar in every flaw and talent, yet different from each other, apart from the way they made her feel.

have you ever given thought to that?

how you will continue to live your mistakes until you learn from them?

you will continue to be tested until you show you can pass?

i think i am in a test. with my drummer. with my self. the universe is testing me about london. about work. it is testing my patience and my kindness.

i will now be released from all the prejudice i have acquired through my walls.

and i am breaking them down for good.

welcome to the most vulnerable and adventurous state of my life.


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