In a matter of flirting

March 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

Unlike everything else, I will not screw it up.

I think it is kind of like a defense that I have developed towards men, perhaps a guard, something that would protects me. I M unsure of what exactly it would be protecting me from, the charm? The gestures? Getting spoiled?
But I do it, I’m not proud of it, and I know that it must have give off a very bad energy to the cosmic balance of energies.
And here I am, with this incredibly cute and all the more awkward guy, we bond over about how we both went to liberal arts schools when no one gave a shit and pulled off an “Ivy”‘, Seth Rogan and retro throwbacks. He smiles, I smiled. He sat next to me and I didn’t move away. I listened to his stories about London, France and San Francisco, he found out that I was trying to accomplish with life more demands than my physical appearance. Either way, he didn’t leave my side, and I encouraged his decision.
But men should know, the first time you touch a lady, and I don’t necessarily think you have to be naked for that, perhaps a brief moment on her shoulder, or if you’d like to be more aggressive with the moves her thigh (so long as you have received the sign) it is SO essential that you keep it together, I cannot repeat it enough! It’s a bit about persistency, a bit of passion, some gentle moves also and lots of courage. I mostly think that a first touch can be the representative of your entire relationship with that person, but I also don’t want to put that much pressure on that. The touch, could be directly related to how many times you have encountered a situation like this aka; How Many Women Have You Touched Before???, which directly relates to confidence.
So; the better your touch, the more practice that you’ve obviously had.
Or you are completely oblivious to all of these things that are happening in a woman’s head, and really you’re just trying to catch up with the energy and make a move and “get closer”. Which is adorable, and shall be forgiven. And is why I am giving this person another chance to impress.
That and, he has a great first name. (a name I would REALLY want my potential lover to have)


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