constructive criticism

March 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

today I forgive my parents for re-applying what they have learned from their families,

the shortcomings they’ve had, and the way they’ve been let aware of them all. they way they were criticized, and really that’s all they know, so of course they will be applying it to me. once you teach a child how to run, you sure hell cannot expect it to slow down.

as this wisdomous quote can be applied and regarded many ways, i realize how much of life  (of my relationships) are based on forgiveness. forgiveness of my parents for not knowing better, of my friends for not being curious enough, of my co-workers for not allowing themselves to be vulnerable, of my boss for not being able to help himself with his demands. and so on.

on a lovely saturday noon like this, sit down with my two mobile phones, one to define my creativity and the other to define my slavery, dressed up in a 1960’s Italian city girl fashion, i am THIS close to hopping on a VESPA and driving off to country side, i am boycotting my parents by not answering their phone calls, am disregarding all my responsibilities – well, most of them anyway – and am simply here to enjoy my time and think about the melancholy a spring day is bringing to me.

the birds are chirping, the sun is out, everyone is having breakfast somewhere, with someone, perhaps they have a motorcyle and are cruising around.

and my favorite friend just walked in without any pants, completely hungover, filled with regrets. I think she is chanelling me at this point. at least one of us had an interesting night.


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