will you take the step ahead, will you go through the gate

March 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

just as i woke up to messages from across the world, from my favorite person, and i thought to myself, you have two choices this morning lara; you can put your head back down, bury yourself under covers, sleep three more hours and wake up miserably to the melodious Beirut songs (which is the most excellent alarm melody, really because it makes you sing every morning no matter how you bloody feel) or you can take off your slinky jammies, put on your running socks and step outside.

so i did.

and during my walk in the park of Macka, which is as close to a pet zoo as possible, because the neighborhood is filthy rich, the filthy rich people like to keep “brand” pets. you know, special breed dogs, eccentric cats, strange birds etc. But really it’s the most interesting walk you’ll ever take in your life because of all the strange kinds of pets running around with their owners, and a perfecly balancing amount of mixed raced dogs. ANYWAY. so here I am jogging to my ipod’s shuffle ALL which is a strange thing to experience as the types of 10,000 songs squeezed into a machine can be tough to handle. so i walk up the hill, surrounded by hungry cats and loose dogs and my ipod plays tchaikovsky’s dance of the sugar plum fairy, and moved by the melodies, the cats, the air outside, and i burst into tears. and there was no explanation.



on a completely different note, i just received the green light to attend a program in england that i have been dreaming about for months. and i am hesitating. i have absolutely nothing to lose, everything to gain, everything to learn, maybe nothing to come back to, maybe nothing to leave, and in life, you should walk towards your desires and risk everything you can to make them come true yes? you should not be scared, fear nothing at all, WALK TOWARDS PAIN- BRING IT ON.

Universe, guide me.


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