who is evren*?

March 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

I awoke this morning, singing, but then falling asleep, and when I awoke again, close to 9am, I knew it was too late for a jog, so I just sat down to watch television (because that is my favorite morning-time activity while eating breakfast) and I sighed about the day. after receiving a tweetback from an unknown person-but rather my one and only fan on twitter- publicly announced that as my twitter name changed so has my tweets and i have “lost my wit” to quote his (or her). as if this is enough to mock me off, i continued my daily activities of eyebrow picking, hair pulling, jittering and to top it off-and i am being incredibly honest here because i am MAKING MYSELF VULNERABLE AND SAYING BRING IT ON TO THINGS I NEVER WOULD- stomach illness. because i am nervous about life, and my current position in it as well as my future position.

i know we have established the fact that i need to get out and do something, risk shit, make up lies and live other poeple’s lives and everyone that i have talked to is saying, go ahead, just motherfucking do it. so i am depositing money, signing papers and getting shit done. everyone’s changing their lives, i would be DUMB to not make a move at this stage. yes.

and i have been talking to Evren (the universe) and asking him to guide my life, to show my future, to tell me what to do. i know half of the game goes by noticing the signs that it will give me, and i have been waiting and asking for it for and praying for it. so my eyes wide open, i walking ahead- evren-my light, shall guide me on. and who the fuck cares if i have gone boring- at least i am doing shit still.

*=the universe in Turkish


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