busy as a bee as a bee being busy

April 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Between melodies produced by Beirut and Yann Tiersen, I put myself again, into a melancholic mood, driven by tears and sadness and memories. However this time, I will try harder to turn this incredibly powerful emotional energy into something that is much more productive. I remember when I was infatuated by certain boys, and they were in my life, and I shared something with them, and either painful or joyful- I found ways to create. I found distractions, and turned those energies into projects.

Seing as I am as single and out of the market to an impossible extent (listen, I go out, I socialize, but I need to try harder and I just don’t feel like it), it’s up to me to find distractions and other ways to play with my creative thoughts. I started focusing a bit more on music. I will find a way to acquire a video camera. It’s all about being in the present moment, discovering your desires and acting up on them. I’ve noticed that once you say to yourself; oh I will do what I want when the time comes, then you will always be postponing your path. Instead, jump in the moment and declare yourself whatever you want to be. Just BE it. And the rest should follow easily.

the advice I give out shall remain in my head forever. because only this way I can reapply all th epositive affirmations to myself and help guide my life easier.



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