April 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

is a way to start the day, you would think. i have had the miserable experience of purchasing an unknown brand’s never-tried cereal with organic soy milk (light wasn’t available) all because I am a stubborn bitch who likes to keep her Thursday morning rituals.

What are they you ask? Let me tell you. I wake up an hour earlier than my supposed time, make myself some lovely earl gray, prepare my cereal, sit in front of the television and watch Grey’s Anatomy. although the show sucks, there really isn’t much to watch anyw-more, the characters are boring, the plot is exhausting. but i am solely watching this because of the ritual of thursdays, that I would watch this show with friends first, with my mother second. and because i can be traditional in the way i apply my rituals, this was a forced one at that- it will only mark the ending of the thursday morning ritual. i was having guilty thoughts about not starting my day earlier, but now that the sun is back, the weather is getting tad bit warmer, people seem happier, and clothes are getting thinner, the better activity i can take part in for the morning rituals is going to my self practice yoga session, sweat my worries for about 2 hours and begin my day. it sounds exhausting at first, but once you go three days in a row, the rest shall follow.

this summer i was such a maniac for a while, only reading books on yoga, practicing every day etc. but i have learned to balance this part of my life, just like how i balance everything else, and i would like to think i am more successful now. besides, what better is the new ritual of thursday nights? drinking and socializing!

adding to this, my idea of breakfast is no longer about sitting down and eating a good meal and starting the day, it’s about skipping it with freshly squeezed juices and fruits during the week when you have to be a real person, and to accompany it with champagne and joints once it hits the weekend.




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