if you think; you are

April 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

if you drink; you unleash your inner beast

whether its a wild animal, attacking, asking, fighting for what it wants,

whether its an emotional wreck, hypnotized by the beauty and the pain of all possible things, incapable of stopping the wonderous life and living

on days like this, i feel infinite

like i possess the capacity, the intelligence, the abundha to perform any task, i build up the courage to talk to people the way i want, the wear what i want and to feel great while doing it, i can even eat pizza and not feel a single drop of anguish when i  take a bite out of a slice. i feel my fingers, epanding through the keyboard, wanting to type more letters than my current speed, i want to share with the world, how great i feel, how great I am.

i feel more connected to nature, when i walk, i feel the energy pass through my feet towards my brain, i feel up in the clouds, looking down, i can watch myself from a distance and enjoy it. i am overwhelemed by my capacity, by my sight, by the world’s powers,

i think it is called alcoholism, or being drunk, but hell if this is what i can feel like every day, i will sure thing work on keeping it for realz. but what’s important is that i have to remind myself that if i feel like this now with or without extra components and cocktails, i sure can feel like this, and i should feel like this every fucking day-when i wake up to when i go to bed, even when sleeping i should be up in the clouds, powerful, like god, but fragile like a river nymph.

i am infinite.


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